Is On My Block Season 5 Worth Watching?

Is On My Block Season 5 Worth Watching?

Is On My Block Season 5 Worth Watching?

For the past year, On My Block has been coming out season after season. With an IMDB rating of 8/10, it’s no wonder that the Spanish industry has been setting the bar high. But is the show still worth watching? Here are a few things you should know:

Freeride spin-off

The Netflix original series On My Block will be returning to its roots with a new spin-off. The creators of the show, Lauren Iungerich and Eddie Gonzalez, have inked an overall deal to continue the series. Haft and Iungerich will also serve as executive producers. The spin-off will be set in Freeridge, the bleak inner city in which the show takes place. The series was one of the most-watched shows on Netflix in 2018.

The show’s new spin-off will follow the characters of Freeridge’s On My Block Season 5, including a group of four female high schoolers with different personalities and backgrounds. It’s been said to be a female-centric show, and fans are already excited about it. Production is expected to begin between May and July. In a previous episode, Freeridge writers dubbed the spin-off “Freeridge.”

On My Block Season 5 Cesar and Monse’s affair

The storyline of Cesar and Monse’s affair was pretty disappointing in On My Block Season 5. The two dated for three seasons, and they had a love interest, but their relationship was anti-climatic, and neither of them was able to get past their first encounter. Monse was dealing with the possible loss of her private school, and Cesar sucked her dry and left her in an end-game couple situation. As a result, she couldn’t blossom as an individual.

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The drama was intense, as Cesar has been deeply involved in gang life, and he receives threatening letters and a ransom note from a rival gang. His gang members are now on to him, and he has no friends and no family. He also has a rocky relationship with Vero, his snake-in-the-garden. It was a heartbreaking episode, and fans are eagerly anticipating Season 6!

On My Block Season 5 Ray’s betrayal

One of the most popular Netflix series has revealed that they are planning to create a On My Block Season 5 of Ray’s betrayal on My Block. This comedy-drama series follows a group of street-savvy friends who go to high school together. While Season 4 ended two years ago, the show is currently available on Netflix. This article will explain Ray’s betrayal and how it will affect the remaining episodes of the series.

On My Block Season 5 Cesar’s salary renegotiated

The cast of Netflix’s hit comedy On My Block reportedly renegotiated their salaries for the On My Block Season. The show’s actors received raises of up to $850,000 an episode. That’s more than double what the cast earned for the On My Block Season 4. Netflix also confirmed earlier this year that the fourth season would be the last. But what exactly went into the negotiations? The Hollywood Reporter reported that the cast and crew negotiated pay raises for the core four stars and signed new deals. The stars have already begun rehearsing for On My Block Season 3 and have been preparing for their first table read.

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The new salaries were reportedly the result of a process that began earlier this year. Netflix initially declined to re-negotiate the salaries of its cast. The show’s low-budget production budget of $2 million per episode is a factor in the re-negotiated salaries. Netflix initially countered with the salaries of $30,000 per episode or $40,000 for each installment. But finally, the new deal came to an agreement. The new salaries guarantee that there will be at least eight episodes per season.

On My Block Season 5 Cesar’s betrayal

One of the most shocking moments from On My Block Season 5 was Cesar’s betrayal of Y/N. Y/N, who is the oldest sister of gang leader Jamal, has been rumoured to be a gay man. Cesar acted in shock and denial, but we all know the truth. The gangster is in fact Cesar’s brother. But does that make him a liar?

In episode five, we see the aftermath of Cesar’s betrayal. He is incarcerated after beating a drug dealer, but Oscar bails him out. He doesn’t seem to appreciate the gesture, as he feels betrayed by his brother. In the episode, Cesar’s gang has degraded him, and another gang is targeting him. After this, Cesar apologizes to Oscar and promises to start a new life in Portland.

Cesar’s death

When Cesar was murdered in On My Block Season 5, he was the one who had gotten into a lot of trouble with the gang. His brother Oscar had already died, but he patched things up with him before he passed. The two of them had decided to move to Portland so they could start over. Despite the fact that the family’s ties to the gang are strained, Cesar is committed to putting them all back together and making a new life.

Cesar’s death in On My Block Season 5 is a defining moment for the entire gang. As the gang disbands, the rest of the characters are still in the game. The gang is divided. The leaders of the gang are Santos, the 187 and the 19th Street gangs. The members of the gangs fight each other, and the violence escalates.

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