Hawkfish, the Mike Bloomberg-funded tech company that helped his and later Joe Biden’s 2020 election campaigns, is shutting down in May (Theodore Schleifer/Vox)

Hawkfish, the Mike Bloomberg-funded tech company that helped his and later Joe Biden’s 2020 election campaigns, is shutting down in May  —  It’s the latest retrenchment from major Democratic donors in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Source

Hawkfish Joe Biden Mayschleiffervox to Work on Biden’s Presidential Campaign

In this article, we will discuss hawkfish joe biden mayschleifervox. The recent Bloomberg-funded presidential campaign has highlighted the role of data and tech firms, including Hawkfish, in the political landscape. The firm was founded by former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg and has worked with a trio of Democratic super PACs. However, it has been hard to land marquee deals. While it established contracts with Democratic entities such as the Democratic National Committee and American Bridge, it struggled to attract other Democratic clients. It is evaluating whether to stay in business in the post-Trump world.

Hawkfish is a data and tech firm founded by former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg

In a move that would make Hillary Clinton look like a whiz kid in the media, Bloomberg’s new company has hired some of the brightest minds from Silicon Valley to work on his presidential campaign. Among them are Gary Briggs, a former Facebook marketing chief, and Josh Mendelsohn, the founder of Engine Advocacy. Hawkfish is also hiring Maia Johnson, who previously worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The former mayor has been busy with his pet causes since he stepped down from his mayoral term in 2013. He has championed gun control and climate change. His former assistant, John Sheekey, introduced him to some of the best data scientists in Silicon Valley. Bloomberg has a close relationship with one of them, Josh Mendelsohn, who used to be a Google product manager.

Hawkfish is also making some big name hires, including former Facebook CMO Gary Briggs. Briggs has a reputation for being smart, calm, and articulate. He is known for getting directly involved in the creative process. The new company has shied away from press coverage and a hands-off management style, but has brought on some big name talent.

It has worked with a trio of Democratic super PACs

Hawkfish Joe Biden Mayschleiffervox has been working with a trio of Democratic super PAC groups for more than a year. The League of Conservation Voters and its affiliates have spent $115 million on ads in key Senate and House races, but it is unclear which states were targeted. A third PAC, Unite the Country, spent $20 million on unspecified media for Biden, and it has worked with Michael Bloomberg’s data firm Hawkfish to do so. The groups were focused on the battleground states in the Midwest and Southern states.

House Majority PAC: The House Democratic leadership is one of the major donors to the House Majority PAC, which is allied with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Bloomberg contributed $10 million to House Majority PAC in December. An official at House Majority PAC said Hawkfish has been in discussions with the organization. Hawkfish plans to pitch Senate Majority PAC soon as well.

Hawkfish Joe Biden Mayschleiffervox has worked with a trio of political groups in Texas. In the first half of this cycle, Future Forward is supporting M.J. Hegar’s campaign against Senator John Cornyn. They have already run three ads against Cornyn.

Mike Bloomberg, who has a net worth of $600 million, also has worked with Hawkfish. Although they have not yet fully hit their stride, they are hopeful that they can be a major player in the 2020 campaign. However, they have been struggling to sign on new clients. Despite their high-profile client list, they were unsuccessful in signing up Joe Biden’s campaign for its services.

While Biden’s inner circle is largely made up of older people, the leadership of Hawkfish includes Silicon Valley techies who worked at Facebook, Foursquare, and recently sold the company to Google. Their startup offers a very attractive price tag for the services they offer. The digital infrastructure for Democratic campaigns is a beast of its own.

It has no major client

It’s unclear if the Hawkfish Joe Biden Mayschleiffervox has a major client or not. The company didn’t immediately respond to multiple requests for comment. And the Biden campaign declined to comment either. Hawkfish executives are old Silicon Valley hands who are trying to find new clients in a new era. Glueck, the former chief marketing officer of Facebook, and Briggs, a former Facebook executive, haven’t been able to land marquee clients.

It’s unclear if the Hawkfish team can match the capabilities of the Trump campaign. The campaign hasn’t made a decision on hiring them. However, the Biden campaign is on a hiring spree. It’s currently hiring former staffers from its primary opponents to work on its digital operation.

Hawkfish may also be expanding its influence in the Democratic Party. The firm worked with Bloomberg-backed super PACs such as Priorities USA and American Bridge. It focused on Florida after Bloomberg pledged $100 million to the effort. But the efforts did not turn the state blue. Biden lost Florida by three points. However, Mendelsohn praised the work of his team.

It relies on vendors to do its work

The Biden campaign is in the process of hiring new digital staffers and has been looking at several digital vendors. While it is unclear if Hawkfish is one of those candidates, it is not unusual for campaigns to use various vendors to do their work. Bloomberg’s digital team, for example, paid for meme-makers and social media influencers to post about its candidate. While the Biden campaign has not yet decided whether to hire Hawkfish, Bloomberg’s influence over the party’s digital operation may continue to increase.

Despite the controversy surrounding Hawkfish, many Democratic officials are still talking with the campaign. Hawkfish’s general election model predicts that Biden will overtake Trump in battleground states, but does not anticipate a “red mirage” scenario unless he can take advantage of disproportionately-counted Democratic absentee votes. The company is owned by Michael Bloomberg and works for the Democratic National Committee and various pro-Biden super PACs.

The company also recently changed its management. Hawkfish has hired Josh Mendelsohn, a former managing partner at Hangar, as its new CEO. In addition, Jeff Glueck, formerly the CEO of Foursquare, will become the head of digital. Glueck will focus on projects that involve “soft side” clients, according to his LinkedIn page.

It is courting a wide range of progressive and Democratic organizations

Hawkfish Joe Biden Mayschleifevox has been courting a variety of Democratic and progressive organizations since his campaign launched in 2015. The former Senator from Delaware teamed up with several progressive super PACs, including Unite the Country, Priorities USA, and American Bridge. Upon receiving a $100 million pledge from Bloomberg, Hawkfish focused its efforts on Florida. Although they were unable to turn the state blue, their efforts had a significant impact on Biden’s victory.

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