Baby Keem First Order of Business Lyrics

Baby Keem First Order of Business Lyrics

Baby Keem’s newest song, “First Order of Business Lyrics,” is set to be released soon. But when can fans expect to hear it? This article reveals the exact release date of “First Order of Business Lyrics,” and how to get your copy of the song now! Read on to learn more! Hopefully you’ll, enjoy it. And if not, it’s still worth checking out.

Song release date

If you are looking for the upcoming release date of Baby Keem’s new single, ‘first order of business,’ then you have come to the right place. The rapper’s new album, ‘The Melodic Blue’, is set to hit the charts at #4 this week, and it is expected to sell between 50 and 55 thousand copies. Critics have praised the rapper’s new project for its experimental approach and showcasing his range. Now, he has released a video for his new song ‘First Order of Business Lyrics’, directed by Neal Farmer.

‘First Order of Business Lyrics’ is a song with explicit lyrics, and it has been released on September 10, 2021. The song is in F# Minor, has a tempo of 132 bpm, and is two minutes and 48 seconds long. It is rated as danceable and a bit lethargic. As far as lyrics go, this song is considered to be a very sexually explicit song. It was written by Jahaan Sweet, who is also one of the main producers of the album.

This song is a perfect example of Keem’s ability to put a man’s life in perspective. In the verses, the singer says that he wants to “remove all the drama from my life,” which translates to removing the drama that’s been weighing on his mind lately. The vocalist also mentions that he is preoccupied with sex, but he’s also preoccupied with taking care of his family.

During his first million dollars, Keem purchased a house for his grandmother, and the song follows through on the purchase in the most beautiful way possible. Keep exits the ribbon-decorated house to greet the woman who is supposed to be his grandmother, and then the song ends with a red “sold” stamp on the house’s “for sale” sign. Keem’s lyrical finesse and production are what has gained him a reputation.

First Order Of Business Lyrics By Baby Keem

In the First Order Of Business lyrics by Baby Keem, the singer wants to take care of his people and his romantic interests. This can be interpreted as locking down a long-term relationship. He also mentions money. Ultimately, the vocalist wants to give his significant other all the money in the world. If you want to get close to the singer, you can listen to the song. But before you do, you might want to know a little more about this song and the lyrics.


If you’ve ever listened to the song “First Order of Business Lyrics,” you’ll recognize the importance of removing drama from your life. The vocalist specifically mentions money in the song, as he wants to infuse his significant other with it. This can be interpreted as locking down a relationship for the long run. But is this really what the lyrics are trying to say?

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