New Features in the PUBG Mobile Livik Map

The new PUBG mobile Livik Map includes many new features. This map includes waterfalls, hot springs, aqueduct, buildings, and obstacles to explore. The waterfalls are located in the north-east corner of the map and can help revive your health. You can also find a Monster truck and Sniper area.


The Iceberg Map is a new area in the PUBG mobile game. It is based on the tileset from The Ascent/Descent and features a series of icebergs that are connected by bridges. Some icebergs are completely inaccessible while others feature a walkable area. The map also includes a boss that is hidden inside the zone. This boss has a variety of abilities, including dual melee claw attacks, Whirling Blades, and Cold Snap.


The Waterfall on PUBG mobile Livik map is one of the most sought after locations in the game. Located in the southern part of the map, this waterfall features a three-level waterfall and jet-ski on top. The waterfall also has a hidden loot area for players to find.

Players can find several different types of loot here. Among them, super crates are found in the area. These crates can contain powerful weapons, loot, and attachments. It is also possible to find AWM cutting tools near the edge of the tub.

During the first few matches on the PUBG mobile Livik Map, players should keep in mind that they might not win the game in the first attempt. However, with practice and expertise, players can increase their chances of winning. To maximize the effect of this feature, players should aim for maximum distance when jumping. This will help them land faster and give them the advantage.

There is another new feature on the Livik map that makes it unique. Waterfalls aren’t the only thing players can use to protect themselves, as there are also hot springs. These are located in the north east part of the map opposite the waterfall. Hot springs heal players automatically, but they can also be a target for players.

Another unique feature in Livik is the ruins. The map is very similar to the Vikendi map, but is in a more temperate climate. There is a ruined church located on the island. The ruins of this structure are not particularly dangerous, but they still contain a good amount of loot. It is also a relatively safe place to land.

Monster truck

The Monster Truck is a new vehicle in PUBG mobile, and it’s available to play on the Livik map. It’s a large vehicle with big tires that improve handling, but decrease stability. It can also roll over, so players should be careful when driving. Another issue is that its passenger compartment is exposed, so players can easily be attacked from outside. The Monster Truck doesn’t spawn in garages, and it’s difficult to determine where it will spawn.

The Monster Truck is one of the most powerful vehicles in PUBG Mobile. It can move on uneven terrain and climb mountains. Its big tires also allow you to maneuver through obstacles without suffering damage. However, while driving a Monster Truck, you’ll want to avoid driving in the final zone, where other players will shoot you.

The Monster Truck is also the only vehicle available on the Livik map. It’s a great way to reach the end of the match for cheap. It’s a powerful vehicle with a high top speed and massive hit points. This vehicle is an excellent choice for players who don’t have time to play the massive Livik map.

While the Livik map is smaller than the others, it is still large enough to accommodate 52 players. Players will be able to move around the map faster, but the smaller area will make campers have a difficult time in this map. The match will last for just 15 minutes and you’ll need to move quickly. If you’re worried about snoopers, this isn’t the best map to play in.

You can get the Monster truck in many locations on the Livik map, but the best location for finding it is in the small house compound between the Power Plant and the mountainous area. You can use it to move around the map quickly and loot important items. It’s important to stay alert, however, because other players may try to find you when you’re driving a truck.

Sniper area

There’s a new Sniper area on PUBG Mobile’s Livik Map! The Sniper area is located near a waterfall in the northeast part of the map. The new area contains sniper spots, as well as waterways, waterfalls, constructions, and obstacles to hide behind. This area also contains a hot spring, and soaking in the hot springs is a great way to recover from injuries and regain stamina.

The Livik map is massive, so finding a good sniper spot is crucial. There are several places to snipe in Livik, but none of them are perfect. For instance, a player may not want to be positioned at a sniper position if the map’s other areas are too crowded. For those who wish to take advantage of this feature, it’s a good idea to go to a location with 360-degree views.

Livik isn’t a map for campers, but it’s a good choice for players who don’t want to spend too much time in one place. You can finish the game in 15 minutes or less, but you have to make sure you’re familiar with your weapons. In short, Livik is a unique PUBG Mobile map that’s a great way to hone your sniping skills.

Another interesting place on the Livik Map is the Blomster. This area has a lot of buildings, and is the perfect looting location. It also has higher ground, which makes it an excellent location for snipers. However, you must be careful and watch for tricks. You may be caught off guard by a trap or two, or by an enemy playing a sniper.

The Livik Map contains a number of beautiful areas. In the North-East, there’s a beautiful waterfall, a cave, and buildings. There are also hot springs, waterfalls, and trees. The hot springs can revive your health.

Secret loot stockpile

If you’re looking for a good place to find a lot of loot in PUBG mobile, the Livik map is a great choice. This open area has lots of condos and buildings, and is great for looting. However, you must be very careful when you’re there, as your opponents may use tricks to get your loot.

Livik is a small map, about 2 square kilometers. The map contains a supply shop, which players can use to upgrade their weapons. You can purchase XT Upgrade Crates from this shop to boost your weapon’s performance and control during battle. There is also an Advanced Supply Zone, which spawns randomly in the map when a new match is started. This area has a lot of supplies, but also has a high risk of enemies.

Another place to find a lot of loot in PUBG mobile is the Livik waterfall. This location is in the South-East corner of the map. You can find a lot of loot in this place, including almost every weapon that can be found in other Classic maps. Some of these weapons include the DP-28, Scar-L, Mk12 (DMR), and P90 (SMG). The last two weapons are brand new, and you can’t get them anywhere else.

If you can’t get enough loot, head to the Iceberg. This place is surrounded by icy ground, and is the perfect place to stock up on items. There are small buildings and a big church in this area. Getting to the Iceberg will require you to be very careful, as it’s precarious to get in and is a bit difficult to get back out.

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