Installing a Brick Cladding System

Installing a Brick Cladding System

If you’re thinking about installing a brick cladding system in your home, there are several options to choose from. The three most popular systems are LOPO thin brick facade, Weberwall brick cladding and Corium brick cladding. Each of these systems provides high safety, health and environmental protection, and are a great option for your next project.

LOPO thin brick facade system

LOPO thin brick is made from natural clay and is an excellent option for a variety of architectural applications. It is available in a wide variety of colors and textures and can be used on any wall. These bricks can be used to provide a full-face brick appearance while eliminating any structural limitations. LOPO offers customized service to meet specific requirements.

LOPO thin brick is manufactured using a high-temperature firing process and is durable. Thin bricks are not bound by conventional masonry rules and are highly resistant to fire and noise. In addition to providing a classic look, they are very easy to install. They can be installed on nearly any wall and require little maintenance.

LOPO’s thin brick facade system allows you to customize the color, texture, and design of your facade. You can even use the product on the inside of your home. If you choose, you can incorporate the brick into a rain screen system or integrate it into your existing curtain wall system. The versatility of the material makes it perfect for commercial projects as well.

LOPO Brick Cladding System is an efficient, lightweight, and cost-effective solution for facades. It can be easily installed and is compatible with traditional brickwork. This lightweight system is composed of aluminum supporting rails and clay brick slips.

The LOPO Brick Cladding System can be used to add a beautiful, authentic brickwork appearance to your building. It can be applied to a variety of sub-structures and can be adjusted to a wide range of heights and angles.

LOPO terracotta products are widely used in world-class projects. For example, a twenty-four city project in the city of Shenyang in China was designed with LOPO terracotta sheet bricks. Also, the LOPO terracotta products were featured in the “Hamburg House” at the Expo 2010 Shanghai.

LOPO thin brick veneers are suitable for both exterior and interior walls and can be installed in conjunction with a variety of tile, stone, and slate. With a wide selection of colors and designs, you can create a stunning look that complements the surrounding environment.

Corium brick cladding system

Corium is an innovative brick cladding system that combines the natural beauty of real brick with a simple installation process. This lightweight system has a wide range of applications and can be installed vertically or horizontally. It offers a unique look, and a variety of textures and colour combinations.

Featuring a patented profile, CORIUM tiles are mechanically clipped into place. They are designed to match the standard sizes of UK brick. Their maximum dimensions are 215mm (H) x 327mm (L). The patented clipping feature allows for some adjustment of tile position.

A range of finishes is available including natural, glazed, and textured brick. These designs can be installed using a pump system. Decorative patterns can also be used to add visual interest to any project.

For larger projects, unitised aluminium systems are often used. As part of a pre-fabricated solution, they are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment and offer accuracy and speed of production.

A new facade was developed for the entrance building at Loughborough College. Bptw Architecture was tasked with providing a modern feel to the campus, while improving the energy efficiency of the building. To achieve the crisp elevation and high quality finish, the architect chose the Corium cladding system.

The facade features 15 different colours of Corium. It is also installed in a curved pattern. The facade is a great way to introduce a unique design element to your building.

In addition, the system is fully A1 rated and meets national Building Regulations. It is suitable for all types of substructures, and can be installed on timber or concrete frames. With a wide range of options available, the Corium team can advise you on the best cladding system for your project.

Whether you are a contractor, designer, or architect, Corium is a reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution. You can even combine it with other cladding systems. By blending the beauty of brick with the functionality of a rail-system, it redefines design and brings exciting new color and texture combinations to the market.

Using this cladding system can be quick and easy, and the patented mechanical clipping feature ensures a high strength facade. Designed to create an authentic brick finish at any height, it is ideal for mid-to-high rise buildings.

Weberwall brick cladding

Weberwall brick is a lightweight brick cladding system that can be fitted without requiring the services of a masonry specialist. The product is crafted from a 95% mineral bound polymer, resulting in a durable product. It can be used to produce an authentic brick effect wall finish, or even in conjunction with a steel frame build.

The most obvious benefit of the Weberwall Brick system is that it can be installed in a fraction of the time and cost of the old fashioned way. The product’s weight allows it to be handled with ease by semi-skilled workers, resulting in a faster installation process and lower labor costs. In fact, it’s estimated that it can be installed in as little as 17 minutes, whereas a traditional brick slip system would take 58 minutes.

There’s no question that brick cladding can add value to any property, whether you’re putting it on a home extension or creating a new space. It helps to protect the interior from damage from water, mould and other pesky critters, and it also offers insulation from the elements, which will result in long term energy savings. Aside from its many practical uses, brick cladding can also improve the curb appeal of your property.

For a truly innovative product that delivers the most gratifying results, look no further than Weberwall brick. This lightweight cladding system boasts a plethora of perks, including a BBA life expectancy of 30 years, a specially formulated render, and the flexibility of an offsite manufactured construction method. Not only does this make it ideal for a wide variety of projects, but it makes the cladding product itself more user-friendly, ensuring the aforementioned functionalities can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

Other notable features include a large catalogue of colours and finishes, a free sample collection, a no-obligation quotation service, and a unique warranty scheme. Whether you’re looking for the best cladding system for your next project or are simply curious about the possibilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Weber. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Corium meets high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements

The Corium brick cladding system is a revolutionary and innovative solution for mid- to high-rise buildings. Using the natural beauty of bricks, it is a cost-effective alternative to glazed units and other building materials. It is quick and easy to install and offers an array of design options.

The Corium cladding system has been in use for over twenty years in the UK. Originally developed for re-cladding, it is now installed in new constructions. It is available in a variety of designs and colours, enabling you to create an entirely unique facade. This brick cladding has also been designed for a wide range of substrates, including concrete, timber frame, and steel framed walls.

Corium is fully BBA-certified. It has been tested and passed to meet the requirements of AAMA 501.5 Thermal Cycling, ASTM 330-02 Structural Performance, and AAMA 501.1 Water Penetration. These performance standards ensure that the cladding meets the highest safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

The Corium cladding system is manufactured by Wienerberger, a company that has been involved in the cladding industry for over two decades. In the US, it is marketed by Telling Architectural Systems LLC in Cranston, Rhode Island. Both companies are long-time partners. Their team of experts can provide advice on the best brick cladding system for your project.

For over twenty years, the Corium system has been installed throughout Europe. It has been tested to pass the relevant requirements of NHBC, BSI, and AHBC standards, and is suitable for a wide range of construction and building types. It is the ideal system for re-cladding, or for installation on new buildings.

With the Corium brick cladding system, you can experiment with various bond patterns to achieve a uniquely customized look. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and is available in a number of different heights. You can also choose textured or glazed tiles to achieve a striking design feature.

If you are looking for a brick cladding system that will meet the most demanding specifications, look no further than the Corium cladding system. Combining the beauty of brick with rail-system innovation, it is a modern, adaptable facade system that is highly versatile.

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