The Best Anime Series Attack on Titan Season 4

The Best Anime Series Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4:

Attack on titan season 4, dubbed by fans as the “greatest sci-fi manga of all time,” finally airs its fourth season on April 1, 2016. And with this announcement comes more fanfare and attention to the visual spectacle of the anime adaptation. The “Shingeki no Kyojin” or “transformed thriller” series has earned immense popularity and as a result, nearly 2 million copies of the manga have been sold since it began in 2009.

With such a high success rate, it’s easy to see why the anime “Mikasa Attack on titan season 4” has been chosen as the best animated TV series of all time. The amount of b-roll for the visual novel The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel has brought up some comparisons to Attack on Titan season 4, yet Attack on Titan seems to have garnered much more buzz. Does the allure of the show overcome the stagnation of its anime adaptation? Below are few reasons why fans have declared Attack on titan season 4 as the greatest anime series ever made.

It Finally Answers the Question of “Who Are the Titans?”

There have been many questions left unanswered by the story, such as the origins of the Titans and the true purpose behind the Reapers. However, this question will finally be answered in the anime of Attack on titan season 4 episode 13. In the manga, the identity of the Titans remains unknown to the protagonist until the final chapter. Now, in the TV series, the protagonist will finally have a chance to confront the giant meat-filled beast and try to stop it from conquering the Earth.

It’s an Adventure Game

Yes, that’s right. If you are a fan of adventure games such as Monkey Island, Zork, or others, then the Attack on titan season 4 franchise is a must have. The gameplay is well developed, as the player will gain experience points, and will be able to increase stats such as Strength, Agility, and intelligence as they progress through the game.

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This means that the player can always play the game as it is intended to be played, and the longer you play, the more potential for upgrades you will obtain. The player will not be forced to make decisions in the name of gameplay, such as hitting a character over the head with a rock.

It’s an Anime for Everyone

No matter your age, you can appreciate Jean attack on titan season 4. Although it is intended for a younger audience, there are no overly bloody scenes. The story is simple, which makes the game accessible to everyone. However, if you do happen to read the manga and decide that you like it, you can then purchase the English-language adaptation of the series.

The Blu-Ray Adaptation

Not only is the manga a great source for great writing, but also for an incredible setting to work with. In addition, the anime series has been well-regarded by its Japanese audience and has been continually popular since it was released in 2011. In 2013, the anime aired in English, and has recently released the Attack on titan season 4 blu ray box set in North America. Fans of the manga and anime will definitely want to invest in a copy of the Blu-ray.

There are Over 800 manga volumes

In the anime series alone, there are over 800 volumes (roughly 250-300 pages each). Out of which, Attack on titan season 4 episode 15 is the best of all. When looking at the volumes, it’s easy to see that the series will keep going for many years. There have been two to three new volumes released every month since the manga series began. There are currently a total of 175 volumes in the franchise. The amount of content there is simply incredible.

The Animation is Stunning

Even if you are not a fan of anime, you must appreciate how well animated Attack on titan season 4 arminis. The show is already on season 3, with episodes being released one after another. The animation has been even more stunning in season 3 than it was in season 2. While there have been some complaints about the show’s slow pace, they can also be attributed to the already lengthy time commitment to the series. If you have the time and patience, then this anime is absolutely worth watching.

Hence, these are the few reasons that makes it and rates it as a best anime series of Japanese animation industry. Attack on titan season 4 poster was also amazing and exciting for the viewers. With the release of the Blu-Ray box set of the show in North America, more fans will be able to experience this amazing anime. Don’t hesitate to add Attack on Titan to your collection!

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